For the past two decades, we have been involved in metal, stainless steel fabrication, and machining projects. Total engineering began as a combination of fabrication and machining. Our staff consists of skilled welders, engineers, and labourers who produce high-quality work on schedule. Engineering components are also designed and manufactured on a custom basis by the company.

We ensure that our products are designed and manufactured under the constant supervision of our well experienced and highly qualified Mechanical, Electrical, and Electronics

Engineers who are thoroughly versed in the know-how of Industrial Machineries, whether they are assigned for modification, atomisation of an existing system, or to incorporate additional facilities.

  • Fabrication of various shapes in Mild steel, Aluminium a S.S Materials

  • Interior Fitout works, KIOSK

  • Staircase, Handrails, Fence, Gates, Ladders, etc.

  • Stainless Steel / Mild steel Oil tanks, Water tanks

  • CNC Cutting of plates Gear Machining Services

  • Fabrication of Safety cages

  • Conventional Milling and Lathe Jobs.

  • Machining of parts as per drawing/sample.

  • Gear Manufacturing Services

  • Fitness equipment maintenance

  • Fitness Equipment Trading

  • CNC Milling Jobs/ CNC Lathe Jobs.